About Us

His Redeemed began after the cordial meeting of Jeff Waters and Niki (Nethercutt) Waters in 1999. They fell in love and shared a true desire to serve the Lord through song. They began as a duet ministry, later forming a trio with original tenor, Paul Lindsey. His Redeemed was then driven to serve Christ in an uplifting capacity of sharing song and testimony wherever God lead them.


The years have brought members in and out of their path. After Paul came Amber Sloan, Dion Gaskins, Kelly Richmond, and Frances Murphy. Each member brought a talent and mindset of ministry that blessed others through each season together.


Jeff and Niki's son, Chandler, also takes part. His drive to sing Southern Gospel Music is often the inspiration for them to keep going after 20 years. Chandler's miraculous testimony is one that touches hearts as he shares what God did for him during each service.


The group traveled 15 years with their other son, Chase, who managed the equipment set up and assisted at their product table. This fine young man now serves in the United States Coast Guard as a Boatswain's Mate 2 (BM2) and is deeply missed. Maybe one day he'll be close to home and can be a part of this ministry again.











Chase graduating A School