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Chandler Waters

Many nights when His Redeemed is weary and questions if they can face another crowd and minister effecively, Chandler is the encouraging factor that tells us we can!


Chandler was born with transposition of the arteries of the heart, went to 3 hospitals on the day he was born, suffered a stroke and died during transit to the 3rd hospital, was revived only to have the doctor declare he would not live through the night. Not only did he live, but he overcame the doctor's prognosis of living with severe Cerebral Palsy and the likelihood that he would not be able to walk, talk, or function "normally".


He has grown to love Southern Gospel music, to the extent that all other genres are, as he would say, "Yaba daba doo stuff". Oh he tickles our hearts. Ask him anything about gospel music and he can tell you the "who, when, where" of any group there is. It's quite remarkable how someone with such physical and mental challenges can retain such information. God is truly a Miracle Worker!


Check out Chandler's testimony on Our Music page to see what the Lord did for this young man! God is so good!










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